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Spingere - "Recall"

Will Cruttenden has put the finishing touches on his fascinating project marrying voice recordings "recounting childhood memories" with his music. The project is a wrap and is most cleverly entitled Recall. You can download Recall beginning September 29, 2011 at the Spingere bandcamp page.

I received my copy of Recall today and I'm thrilled with what Will has created. Thrilled, but not surprised! I don't want to give away the wondrous discovery that comes from listening to the childhood experiences of people from different countries and continents, but the project provides an insight into the common threads of the childhood experience. The effect is compounded by the various accents of the storytellers. The music Will composed for the project fits perfectly with the stories, a delicate and open sonic foundation that would very well stand on its own, had Will chosen a different path. Will has created a brilliant piece of art and I'm honored to have contributed.

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