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Spingere project to be released on Sept 29th

I traded messages with Will Cruttenden on his fascinating project marrying voice recordings "recounting childhood memories" with his music. Will tells me the project will be released on September 29, 2011 on his Spingere bandcamp page. He hasn't released the title yet, I'll provide an update as the details are finalized and shared.

Will relays that, in spite of the very limited instructions to the storytellers, themes organically emerged, commonalities on growing up in different parts of the world. I find the concept of those shared experiences intriguing! With the sense of of art the project exudes, it's not surprising how Will approached my contribution; "As a tribute to One Feather Shy I made sure the only instruments under your voice were guitars." Now that's way cool!

Be sure to check out the Spingere bandcamp page to get a sense of Will's music. More on his latest release as it develops.

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