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Precision work

I'm past lurching toward activity and into activity. I've been sketching song ideas in Live and will be moving to demos in ProTools shortly. The ideas are coming hard and fast and I'm pleased with seeds I have to plant, water, weed, and grow into real songs for the next release.

I need to spend some time on basic guitar maintenance for the instruments I'll be using on this project; new strings, truss rod adjustments, etc. It is my intent to use fewer instruments than I did on One Feather Shy with the aim of a less dense, more live feel. The road to hell being paved with good intentions and all that, I may just find myself grabbing from the pile o' guitars as my work proper gets underway. Worse things, of course, have happened, but I'll start with a core group of guitars and take it from there.

In Kevin Gilbert's brilliant concept album The Shaming Of The True there's a song titled Suit Fugue (Dance Of The A&R Men). One of the lines is "Got hands that move like clockwork"; I find the lyric incredibly descriptive and quite visual. Well, point of the story, I'm doing some precision work to get my hands to move like clockwork. For me, there's no better way to hone my edge that through Guitar Craft Primaries and a couple of closely related pieces, Steve Ball's The Airport Exercise and Tony Geballe's Hammerhead, both of which are co-credited to Robert Fripp. The exercises and pieces require concentration and accuracy. Far from being boring or chore-like, I find the work hypnotic and invigorating. And the impact on my precision is always apparent to me.

Stay tuned...

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