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Will Cruttenden - "Another Weird Musical Adventure"

In February of last year I received an email from Will Cruttenden with the subject "Another weird musical adventure". Will and I were collaborators on the Centrozoon Lovefield Commentary project. Will's instructions were to provide a voice recording "recounting childhood memories". Easy enough.

Well, time got away from me and, in spite of my desire to contribute, I failed to get off my duff and get the job done. This past week Will sent a subtle prod my way - "I've got a cut off date for recording my voice/music project (must get a title for that) so if there's any chance I can have your contribution in the next few weeks I'd really appreciate it." Nothing creates urgency like a deadline!

This week I scripted out three stories for Will. I'm not sure if he'll use any, some, or all of my contributions but once I got rolling, I figured I'd give him some options. I got the scripts recorded today at Make Noise Studios, zipped 'em up, and yousendit-ed them his way. The titles of the pieces are:
  1. My 1st self-inflicted near death experience or when I discovered the concept of brakes
  2. My 2nd self-inflicted near death experience or when I discovered the dangers of thin ice
  3. My initial exploration in aviation or how I almost burned down the house
I could have gone on forever on this project but I imagine I've overstayed my welcome with three submissions! I'm stoked to hear what Will puts together, he's a wonderfully talented and creative musician. Be sure to check out his work at his bandcamp page. I'll keep you posted on his progress on this project.

The session was my first experience with ProTools 9 and the Mbox Pro (3G). It went flawlessly, I'm ready to break out the guitars and get down to it! More as it develops...

The audio has arrived safe and sound - thank you. The Claypool connection has made a big difference to the project and I'm finding it hard to pick just one of your pieces. Time constraints mean I can't have all three though. Expect a release through Bandcamp in September. Now, when do you begin 'Breathe'?

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