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Lurching toward onward

After an extended period of little meaningful musical activity, I am lurching toward onward. I have some setup work to do first. I've ordered and received an mBox 3 Pro FireWire interface that I need to install, test, and learn. In addition to recording at a higher resolution, I will be able to use hardware devices as inserts. In my blog post Brushing sound I wrote about using different types of devices and plug-ins to manipulate sound; the insert capability offers a variety of new techniques and workflows. I also will be upgrading from ProTools LE v8.0.4 to ProTools 9 and am excited about the new features that await. I have a few other software upgrades to execute, as well. Getting through this setup work will require the better part of a day.

And then the good stuff begins! My brain is teaming with musical ideas I am excited to explore. I am itching to begin the Breathe project along with another project that I'll announce later. The two projects will run simultaneously. I also owe Will Cruttenden my input to a project of his that will be my first work out of the gate; Will has been way too patient with me!

Along with getting back to work on the music I'll be increasing my activity on the blog. Not only do I enjoy sharing the behind-the-scenes stuff, blogging also serves as a memory expander. I can, and do, refer back to my blog posts to remind me where my headspace was during a session.

In the meantime, we're still shipping One Feather Shy and the staff at Clayphonic RecordsTM would love to ship a copy to you! The response has been fantastic... and much appreciated. Order yours today!

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